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Moths can be an extremely destructive pest problem for homes and businesses throughout Cheshire. Carpet and clothes moths eat natural fibres, such as silk, wool and cotton. As such, they can destroy clothes, coats, carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture and other materials.

Pantry moths are another type of pest that eats stored food products such as flour and crumbs. Either type of moth will move into your home or business premises if it can find a reliable food source.

A common sign of moth activity is seeing moths in your home, but you may also see holes in your household fabrics and small white moth eggs.

Female moths lay around 50 eggs after each mating, and the eggs often hatch in around 10 days, so a relatively small infestation can quickly spiral into a major moth problem.

If you’re dealing with a moth infestation in Chester and the surrounding area, then Pest In Peace offers a fast and effective solution. Call 07980 597423 to book your moth treatment.

Types Of Moths

Carpet Moth and larvae

There are around 2500 species of moths found in the UK, but most of them never bother humans, even when they do venture into our homes. Usually, they fly in and out without causing any issues.

Unfortunately, some moths eat natural materials and human food during the larval stage, which can make them incredibly destructive. These are the moths that we classify as pests. Some of the common species of pest moths in the UK are:

  • Common Clothes Moths: The common clothes moth is a small, golden brown-ish insect with a fluffy head that often leaves small holes in clothing and other materials.
  • Case Bearing Clothes Moths: Also known as carpet moths, case bearing clothes moths are just another species of clothes moth that often eats carpets, but can also destroy other textiles such as curtains and clothing.
  • Indian Meal Moths: Often referred to as pantry moths, Indian meal moths eat dry food such as pasta, bread and flour and can be found in commercial and domestic properties.
  • Mediterranean Flour Moth: Commonly found in bakeries or food manufacturing facilities, the Mediterranean flour moth is a destructive pest that enjoys flour and other dried foods.

Whatever type of moths you’re dealing with, Pest In Peace can help. Our team can come out and identify the species you have in your home and provide the best moth treatment to remove them.

Commercial Moth Treatments Cheshire

It’s not just homes throughout Chester that have to deal with moths.

Businesses can also become infested with moths, which can cause major issues.

Companies in highly regulated sectors, such as food services and hospitality, might find that they are forced to close if they have a moth problem, costing you money and, potentially, your reputation.

Additionally, if moths eat your stock or furnishings, then it can be expensive to replace them, leading to extra costs that your business doesn’t need.

Moths can be seriously dangerous to your business’s finances and reputation, so you need to make sure you book a professional moth treatment as soon as possible.

As well as one-off moth removal, we also offer annual commercial pest control contracts to ensure your premises are always pest-free and reduce the chances of an infestation in the future.

Get in touch today to discuss your commercial moth removal and ongoing pest control for your Chester-based business.

Carpet moth eggs

Book Moth Pest Control In Chester

Whatever moth species you’re dealing with, controlling moths yourself can be difficult and stressful. While you might kill the adult moths, you may notice that other moths appear on your property. That’s because moth eggs can be difficult to remove, and while they are still in your furnishings, the infestation will continue.

Adult moths are annoying, but the moth larvae are the most destructive part of a moth infestation. Most DIY moth control products don’t eliminate the moth infestation completely, meaning your pest problem will continue.

At Pest In Peace, we can remove moths at all life cycle stages to ensure the infestation is completely gone. Our professional moth treatment involves using residual insecticide and heat treatments to eliminate moths and any offspring that hatch after the treatment is complete.

We’re experts in removing insects, and as well as moths, we also control ants, bed bugs, flies and even wasp nests.

If you’re dealing with an insect problem in or around Chester, call 07980 597423 to find out more about our pest control solutions.


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