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Ants are a common pest problem for many UK homes and businesses. While they’re not as hazardous as other pests, an infestation is never a good sign.

They might not be as much of a health risk as other pest problems like cockroaches and fleas, but an ant infestation can be very unsightly. Furthermore, they do have the potential to spread diseases by contaminating food.

As leading Cheshire pest control experts, Pest In Peace understands the importance of promptly dealing with ants. Get in touch for a quote to treat your ant infestation today.

Ant Control Cheshire (1 Visit)

If you’ve noticed any signs of an ant infestation, you should work with us to get them removed as soon as possible. Ants won’t leave on their own, especially if they’ve built a nest on your property and found a tasty food source.

Most over-the-counter or home remedies for ants simply don’t work. White vinegar or peppermint oil are common DIY ant control methods, but they’re not nearly strong enough to get rid of an infestation.

Instead, you need the professional pest control service provided by Pest In Peace. A trained RSPH Level 2 team member can visit your home, inspect the infestation and begin using professional-grade ant gel and spray treatments to eradicate the ants. We’ll then be able to remove the nest and get your home or business back on track.

For more information on ant removal services, call us on 07980 597423. Pest In Peace supports clients across the Cheshire area, so you can get the expert pest control treatment you need.

Signs Of Ants In Your Property

Ants might be small, but these hard workers are surprisingly easy to spot. While the most obvious sign is seeing ants scurrying around, other common signs include:

  • What looks like lumps of dirt- but might be an ant’s nest- in and around your property
  • Discarded wings from flying ants
  • Seeing ants

Common Types Of Ants UK

There are two main species of ants that are likely to be encountered in the UK: the Black Garden Ant and the Pharaoh Ant. The Black Garden Ant is normally found stealing sweet or sugary foods from your kitchen. These are the worker ants, and once they find a food source, they alert other members of their colony. Before you know it, you have a trail of them, carrying their find back to the nest. In the summer, sexually mature queens and some males develop wings and become flying ants.

The Pharaoh Ant is much smaller but equally bothersome. Gold in colour, these ants favour a protein-based diet and enjoy warm, heated spaces. As such, they’re more commonly found in hospitals, nursing homes and warm buildings where they can find food and shelter.

Although less common, other types of ants you might see in the UK include red ants, yellow meadow ants and carpenter ants. Carpenter ants can be particularly destructive in properties with wooden features. There’s a treatment option for every type of ant in the UK, but each is slightly different depending on the species and the size of the infestation.

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