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Your Local Cheshire Pest Control Company

At Pest In Peace, we are proud to offer reliable pest control services to all homes and businesses in Cheshire and the surrounding areas. With 10+ years of experience in the industry, we have curated a wide range of pest prevention and wildlife management treatments that deliver results and keep your property, family and pets safe. 

Our expert operatives have a deep understanding of pest behaviour and are fully trained to handle all infestations strategically with precision and efficiency. For insect removals, we will target all life stages, including insect larvae, to ensure complete parasite eradication. Additionally, we will tackle all ingress and harbourage points around your property for rodent and bird call-outs. As a result, our comprehensive service will remove all pests, safeguard your home and prevent future re-infestations.

We are one of the leading pest control companies in the North West, with technicians located across Cheshire, Wilmslow and Manchester. So, if you are living with a rodent, bird or insect pest problem, call Pest In Peace today at 07980 597423

Commercial Pest Control Cheshire Service
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Drain inspection surveys for domestic homes in Cheshire
Wasp nest removal at residential home
Humane honey bee removal from roof
Bird deterrent installation on roof in Cheshire

Our Pest Control Service 

Discovering pests on your property can be a distressing and scary experience. It can severely impact your daily life and pose serious health risks to you and your family. That’s why calling us at the first sign of an infestation is crucial so we can mitigate the dangers associated with pests and restore the safety of your home. 

Our approach is simple yet effective, and here’s a breakdown of what you can expect: 

  • Step 1 – Investigation: First, we will conduct a detailed inspection of your home to identify the pest species, the extent of the infestation and pest entry points. We also use this opportunity to learn more about the property and conduct a full risk assessment to determine the most appropriate treatment. Following this survey, you will receive a quote for the work that includes a detailed breakdown of the proposed control solutions. 
  • Step 2 – Treatment: Next, our technicians will arrive at the agreed date and time to carry out the extermination service. Depending on the pest and property type, this may include rodenticides, insecticides, baiting, fumigation and traps. We will deliver the treatment safely, per regulations and with minimal disruption. 
  • Step 3 – Prevention: Then, we will begin pest-proofing your building by addressing all ingress and harbourage locations. This may include installing new air brick covers, filling cracks in the brickwork, fixing gaps around your pipework, sealing holes around windows and doors and preventing access to common nesting sites.  
  • Step 4 – Follow Up and Aftercare: Finally, every pest control treatment guarantees success; thus, we will return as many times as needed to control your pest problem completely. Typically, three visits are required for most pests, but it will depend on the severity of your situation and the size of your property. This is explained during your initial investigation appointment, and we will not surprise you with any additional costs. 

Our comprehensive service, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction will ensure that your home or business remains pest-free. Contact Pest in Peace today and arrange your free site survey.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Cheshire

Commercial Pest Control Cheshire 

Discovering a pest infestation in your business premises can be extremely damaging. Your reputation, profits and the safety of your staff and visitors are at risk. In particular, businesses that work with food must take the necessary steps to prevent pest access and minimise contamination risk. Failure to comply with legislation could result in fines, forced business closure or litigation.

As the North West’s most trusted pest control company, we are committed to keeping you and your business safe. Therefore, we provide bespoke commercial pest control and annual service contracts to all organisations in Cheshire and the surrounding areas. In the past, we have worked alongside local schools, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, football clubs, offices, pubs and restaurants to maintain a compliant working environment.

  • Cost-effective, humane and reliable treatments
  • Discreet and expert pest control services
  • Experienced team trained to the highest standards
  • Free quotes and surveys
  • Local technicians available for emergency call-outs

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