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Wasp Nest Removal

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Discovering a wasp nest on your property can be a daunting experience. The sudden presence of these stinging insects can turn a peaceful environment into a potential hazard. At Pest In Peace, we understand the urgency and concern in such situations.

Our dedicated team is equipped with the expertise and training to address your wasp nest issue promptly. We know that the safety of your home or business is paramount, and our trained professionals are committed to delivering effective and secure wasp nest removal services.

Please don’t attempt to remove a wasp nest if you find one on your property. Wasps are incredibly aggressive over the summer months, and any attempt to get close to their nest will result in being attacked. Instead, please leave it to our technicians, who are highly trained and equipped to exterminate wasps. Furthermore, using various equipment and insecticides, we can treat a nest in awkward or inaccessible spots.

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Based on 69 reviews
Tommy Holliday
Tommy Holliday
Got in touch with the team after finding a 'little' surprise in the loft. Mike was super helpful from the off, with options & advice. They even visited to back up their advice, which required no action on this occasion. But was very grateful for the Peace of Mind and professional service provided nonetheless. Thanks guys.
Eileen Williams
Eileen Williams
Two calls and issue sorted.
Chris Wood
Chris Wood
Very professional service. Nice people to deal with too. Sorted my problem with an unwanted guest in my loft. Highly recommended.
Glad Capewell
Glad Capewell
Pest in Peace gave outstanding customer service, providing a swift response and excellent communications. Their approach to our problem was professional, timely and effective.
Sharon Dobson
Sharon Dobson
Had an issue with rats in our garden after some building work.(decking removed) Called up Mike and was given some tips to try before needing their help (moving bird feeders) their advice did work but I felt we needed to be sure so asked them to come and lay bait boxes. No sales pitch not pushy, just very polite and professional. Turned up on time snd communication was excellent. Didn’t invoice until work was complete and Mike was sure we were happy. Would definitely use again (although and I mean this in the nicest way possible - I hope we won’t need to! ) Excellent service - thank you.
Alex from Pest in Peace is the BEST in the business! Been having him exterminate my home for years and I’m very happy with his professionalism and service! If you’re looking for a reliable exterminator, this is your best choice!
Wendy Lovatt
Wendy Lovatt
Mike sent Brian out the same day when I called. Checked in with me the next day to see how things were going and follow up appointments were fantastic. Brian answered all my questions, very professional and found where the problem started, so now we have the all clear the entry point has now been sealed. Highly recommend this company, they are 100% superb.
Peter Barnes
Peter Barnes
I had a mole problem, called these guys and they quoted me to get the job done. They arrived bang on time on all occasions and because they managed to solve the problem with only two visits, they charged me less than the original quote. A brilliant, honest and reliable service/company, I'd recommend and will certainly use again. Thanks guys
Mike from Pest in Peace was so helpful and sorted our problem out efficiently and humanely. Would recommend 100%
janet quinn
janet quinn
Called the lovely Mike yesterday at Pest in Peace to clean and sanitise our Colshaw mobility bus after a visit from some rats before we parked it up for lockdown. Of course as ever, excellent service as he turned up today, cleaned out anything left by our visitors then used a sanitising fog to make sure it was all safe. Although I've known Mike for a long time as he went to school with my son, It had completely slipped my mind that he is also a qualified mechanic! What a bonus as he replaced the dead batteries and pumped up the tyres, what a hero! Thank you so much Mike, would recommend to anyone without hesitation.

Spot The Signs of a Wasp Nest

Before calling our expert team on 07980 597423, you should ensure you know where the problem is located. Here are the four signs to look out for:

  1. Spotting wasp activity: If wasps are regularly visiting a specific area in your home, such as around an open window, garden or kitchen, it’s probably a sign that a nest is located nearby. 
  2. Follow their flightpath: Watching a wasps flightpath is a strong indicator of a nest. Are they commonly entering and exiting an air brick vent, roof space, window or external gap?
  3. Hearing buzzing: If a wasp nest is located in your roof space or cavity wall, you’ll hear a district buzzing sound. Hearing this sound is a surefire sign that you have an active wasp nest.
  4. Seeing the nest: You may locate the nest yourself in your attic, shed or the bushes of your garden. Wasp nests are magnificent in terms of engineering and can range in size. New nests are typically the size of a golf ball, whereas long-standing active nests can be over 1 foot long.

Removing a wasp nest is not a safe job; they are very aggressive and will attack in numbers if they feel threatened. Therefore, contact us today if any of the above sounds familiar. We have treated wasp nests in all environments, including Schools, Houses, Office buildings, Football Clubs, Pubs, Garages, Sheds and Stately homes all over Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Wasp Nest
wasps vs hornets

Wasps vs Hornets

Wasps and hornets are both types of stinging insects. Although, it’s more likely that you’re dealing with a common wasp problem. Some of the key differences between the two insects include:

  1. Appearance: Wasps tend to have smoother bodies with a brighter yellow or black colour. Hornets, however, are bigger and typically have a black and yellow pattern on their bodies.
  2. Nesting: Wasps typically nest in attics, sheds, air vents and other common areas in the home. In comparison, hornets will nest in branches, hollow trees, and underground. For that reason, most calls we receive across Chesire are for wasps.
  3. Aggression: Both wasps and hornets are equally aggressive when defending their nest.
  4. Sting: Both insects can sting multiple times, unlike bees, which can only sting once. This makes them much more likely to sting. While being stung by either insect isn’t fun, a hornet’s stinger is slightly barbed, making it much more painful than a wasp. 

Both wasps and hornets pose significant threats to humans and require a professional pest control company to remove them. Handling the removal on your own is dangerous. Therefore, you should call Pest In Peace at 07980 597423 to arrange your wasp nest removal treatment.


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