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One of the pests that can cause the most damage to your home and disruption to your life is the rat. Rats are incredibly destructive and can chew through electrical wiring and even timber, brick or concrete, causing serious structural damage to your property.

As well as damage to property, rats also pose a health hazard, as they spread a range of diseases, including Weil’s disease and Salmonella, which can be fatal in some cases. Of all the pest problems you could encounter in your home or commercial property, rats are one of the worst.

Thankfully, help is at hand. Pest In Peace has extensive experience in rat pest control across Cheshire and the surrounding area. For more information on our rat control services, get in touch by calling 07980 597423 or emailing us at

Signs Of Rats

Rats are nocturnal animals, and they have evolved over the years to be sneaky and good at evading humans. As such, you might not see an actual rat, even if it’s living on your property.

Many rats live in attics or cavity walls, so while you might not see them, they could still be causing serious damage to your home.

Common signs of rat activity include:

  • Rat Droppings: Usually found in large concentrations, rat droppings look like small, dark brown jelly beans.
  • Greasy Stench: Rats emit a greasy, musty odour that lingers, so if you smell something odd and don’t know where it’s coming from, then you should check for visible signs of rats.
  • Scurrying Or Gnawing Noises: Being a large rodent pest, rats can be particularly noisy, especially at night, when they are most active.
  • Tooth Marks: Rat’s teeth grow constantly, so they need to chew on hard materials and solid structures to wear them down, so chew marks on timber, furniture, or brickwork are a clear indication of rats.
  • Smear Marks: Rat fur is greasy and often dirty, and this can leave marks around your home, particularly around skirting boards or door frames.
  • Paw Prints: Seeing small paw prints in dust or dirt in your home is a sign that there’s a rodent pest about, and if you notice larger prints, then the issue is probably rats.
  • Tears In Soft Materials: When a rat is making a nest, it will seek out soft furnishings and materials such as loft insulation, blankets and cushions, so if you see tears in these fabrics, then it’s likely rats are present.

If you notice any of these signs, then you’ve probably got rats in your home, but the team here at Pest In Peace can check for you. We’ll make sure that there are definitely rats, not squirrels or mice, in your space and then suggest the best treatments to get rid of them fast.

Commercial Rat Control

A rat infestation is frightening and disgusting for homeowners, but it can be particularly challenging for business leaders as well. After all, rats spread diseases and are an easily identifiable pest, so sightings on your commercial properties could cause serious harm to your reputation.

Rats also damage property, which might mean a loss of stock or expensive equipment that’s crucial to the ongoing running of your company. If your business is shut down due to a rat problem, then you’ll lose vital earnings while you work to remove the infestation.

Pest In Peace works with a wide variety of businesses across Cheshire, providing fast and discreet rat removal. We will work with you to preserve your reputation and get rid of rats quickly before they cause significant disruption to your organisation.

To reduce the chances of rats gaining entry to your commercial property in the first place, we offer commercial pest control contracts. Our team will visit your premises regularly to check for entry points and signs of pests, including rats and others. We can then stop an infestation before it takes hold and reduce the reputational and physical damage that pests could cause to your business.

Whether you need emergency pest control or are looking to book a contract to keep vermin at bay, we’re here to support your business. Get in touch to discuss your options and how we can benefit your organisation.

Pest In Peace branded vans outside a commercial pest control job

Emergency Rat Removal Cheshire

Cables chewed by rats

Rats aren’t a pest you can leave to go away on their own: if they find a comfortable home that’s warm and has a nearby food source, like your cupboards or bins, then they’ll move in for good.

As such, you need to act fast and immediately contact Pest In Peace to get rid of rats once and for all. We provide professional rat control services to clients across Cheshire and can safely and effectively remove the infestation.

Our team will prioritise your call and aim to visit your site as soon as possible to investigate and understand the level of rat infestation. If we suspect rats are living in your drainage system, we can provide drain surveys to inspect the space.

To treat rat problems, we use baited traps to catch them and dispose of them humanely. We aim to avoid causing unnecessary suffering to the rodents while also ensuring they are safely removed from your space.

Once the rat problem is dealt with, we can provide pest proofing to ensure that the rats can’t get back into your property.

For Cheshire residents and business owners, Pest In Peace is the only pest controller you’ll ever need. Contact us today to start your rat control treatment and return to a life free from troublesome pests.

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